Supply chains and business continuity management

Sharing more on supply chains and business continuity management from Ken Simpson. I use supply chain mapping for some clients to identify dependencies, parts of their business processes that could fail, if another business fails them and my client’s business depends on their goods and services to provide its critical products and services.

This is one of Ken’s Beyond the Black Stump blogs, BBS017 – Soundbites and the Supply Chain of future practice includes a podcast with an edited version reprinted below:

Supply chain is a major area of focus this month.

With Beyond the Black Stump I also originally promoted a sub-title – a podcast about learning, leadership and the limitations we impose on our own thinking! Thought leadership as a social activity, driven by conversations.

These conversation, the ideas and the thinking are a critical component of the supply chain of the future of the discipline and the future of practice. Without new ideas and the product we deliver will stagnate, and without critical thinking and continuous improvement we run the risk that demand for the product will dry up.

Links to the earlier shows with Dr John Bircham; Phil Wood; David Lindstedt and Mark Armour; David Porter; Nat Forbes and Luke Bird are also available.

What you will hear in this episode is people who are thinking “outside the discipline” – not just applying the legacy practices or frameworks of risk or BC.

We are part of the profession of management, just a subset of it. Do you talk about the Doctor Profession, or the Medical Profession?

I hope you have found some ideas to put into your planning pipeline for 2016 in this. Will you be planning to address the same old risks and threats next year?

Even if you approach your practice in a new way, if it still only addresses the same threats then the Leadership of your business may not notice.

Supply Chain risk and Cyber threat are not new threats – they are old threats that many in BC are just coming to appreciate.

Coming up in the next blog/podcast, I will be talking about Supply Chain resilience with Jan Husdal. Take a look at his blog – it is a veritable treasure trove of literature reviews and thinking on the subject.


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