B4Crisis offers a range of services that assists your business or organisation with the tools and skills to be more resilient and to better manage future crises through:

  • Business continuity planning
  • Business continuity management
  • Exercising and testing
  • Training and awareness raising
  • After incident reviews

Health Check your business continuity preparedness
– from AUD$5,000 plus GST – Scheduled over 2 weeks discover how prepared your business is to survive and thrive through business adversity. A report with recommendations and action items is included.

Business continuity exercise or test – from AUD$5,000 plus GST
Challenge your team with desktop scenarios to build confidence in their preparedness to lead your business through a disruption. B4Crisis provides a report and recommendations following this ‘war gaming’ and team building exercise.

After action reviews or lessons learnt debriefing – from AUD$5,000 plus GST
Within 30 days of a business disruption, B4Crisis can facilitate and report on lessons learnt and how to improve your future business continuity preparedness.

Business continuity plan including business impact analysis – from AUD$30,000 plus GST for businesses up to 200 employees over 2-3 months. Documented analysis and recovery strategies following business disruption.