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Sharing some business continuity exercise videos on my B4Crisis YouTube channel. I prepared these videos from photos to exercise one of my clients, St Vincent de Paul Society, Canberra/Goulburn Diocese (“Vinnies”). They have a major distribution and retail centre in an industrial estate at Mitchell in the NE suburbs of Canberra. There was an incident known as the Mitchell Fire. The fire and its aftermath shut Vinnies’ Mitchell distribution and retail centres for a business day and caused inconvenience, especially for the trucking fleet, the following week due to major road closures. For a crisis (senior) management team exercise, we took a real incident and escalated it using the Sunrise fire (more than 30 days off site) and the Buncefield fire (many months off site) to “test” their BCP. I learnt about the Sunrise fire when I spoke at the 2009 World Conference on Disaster Management (WCDM), Toronto and Sydney. Sunrise was the paper following my paper on the Varanus Island gas pipeline rupture, fire and explosions. Les Whittet FBCI introduced me to the Buncefield incident. Andy Osborne explained more about the Buncefield incident when we caught up face to face at the 2014 Business Continuity World Conference, London Olympia. Clearly, business continuity management is a global business. Every business wants to keep on keeping on. Business continuity management offers even more. Most importantly, reviewing and sharpening up your business as usual, especially in the most time-critical business processes. I am happy to discuss further details if any of you would like to use these scenarios to test your clients or businesses.

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