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The summer holiday has been completed. Now its back to work and sharing insights in business continuity, resilience and more.

Sydney-based Business Strategist, Michael Harrison wrote in MyBusiness (1 February 2016) on the biggest digital trends in 2016. The following is a highlight package for you to consider in your business preparedness for these challenges and opportunities:

Forward-looking business owners and managers should be looking at possible trends that will be the “next big deal” in 2016 to construct a strategy in order to implement them into their business.

Search engines will get smarter

It’s hard to believe that search engines were first introduced by Yahoo in 1994 – pre-Google. Google, of course, has changed the way we use search engines and the company continues to innovate.

Eighty per cent of us use Google every day.

Reaching new clients

You know how you reach prospects now? You won’t be doing that in the future. Forget unfocused marketing. It’s a roll of the dice. Oh, indeed, statistical analysis of TV ratings and website performance is a highly refined science, but the next big deal is likely to change the way your company engages its market.

Mobile hardware will continue to evolve delivering more images, video conferencing, and other dense content that chews through bandwidth. Bandwidth is expanding as demand increases.

Business growth will evolve with the technology.

Cyber security

Cyber-security will have to keep pace with the black hats. It has to.

Each time we hear that a major retailer or government agency has a security breach, new security measures are deployed in a constant battle between malicious hackers and those who think like malicious hackers.

3D printing

3D printing will grow exponentially. [NOTE: One of my teeth was recently fixed using 3D printing.]

Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) just keeps getting smarter. You see it in use every time you conduct a Google search. Google Suggest – the drop down box showing what Google thinks you want – is primitive. Machines will get smarter. So will Google Suggest.


Smart automation and robotics will continue to become more sophisticated, capable of performing with increased precision in industry, medicine, CAD, and other disciplines.

As Michael concludes: “Planning for the next 12 months isn’t a roll of the dice. It’s predictable based on long-term trends. Guaranteed, the Internet will be here in 2016 and experience jaw-dropping growth and innovative utility. How do I know? It’s been happening for decades.”


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